Our Work

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Our Work

We work hard to establish design goals before visualizing the first graphic or drafting the first words of any campaign. What matters most, whether in Print or Digital media, is that the Design clearly communicates to the target customers and supports the sales and marketing goals.

  • Caffe 1870 – The Italian Coffee House

    Caffè 1870 is the US coffee house brand expression of Europe’s oldest coffee company – Café Barbera. With over 30 international franchise locations, Café Barbera is launching its franchise coffee house concept in the US as Caffè 1870. WHAT WE PROVIDED     COMMUNICATION DESIGN WMW provided Branding Services to develop the Caffè 1870 name, […]

  • Agromin

    Agromin is one of California’s largest Organics Materials Management and Recovery companies, diverting and converting over 365,000 tons of green waste, wood waste, food waste and construction & demolition materials annually into more than 200 types of renewable soil products and biomass for energy. WHAT WE PROVIDED    STRATEGIC PLANNING • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT • COMMUNICATION DESIGN Since […]

  • Gills Onions

    Gills Onions is one of the nation’s largest, family-owned onion growers and operates one of the largest, most sustainable fresh-cut onion processing plants in the world. More than 90,000 tons of yellow and red onions are peeled and processed annually – more than 360 Million – enough to stretch three quarters of the way around […]

  • DSI Delivery

    DSI Delivery is a premier provider of home delivery and distribution services for home furnishings and appliance/TV retailers – celebrating 15 years of operations and over 4,000,000 successful deliveries. WHAT WE PROVIDED COMMUNICATION DESIGN WMW applied its Communication Design core specialty to the development of a new Corporate Identity and Positioning (logo) and new Corporate […]

  • LinkFresh

    LINKFRESH is a powerful ERP software solution for the Fresh Food supply chain industry, allowing business management to move, track, and trace products to market in real time. As a leader in their category in the UK, LINKFRESH asked us to help refresh their brand for a launch in the larger, ultra-competitive US food industry […]

  • CloudEVM

    Integrated Management Concepts, a cloud-based provider of Earned Value software and services, developed CloudEVM for companies and government contractors to simplify compliance and reporting requirements on government contracts. WMW was tapped to help communicate how the browser-based software seamlessly integrates existing accounting and project management software. WHAT WE PROVIDED STRATEGIC PLANNING • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT • COMMUNICATION DESIGN […]